2016 will be our last season as a commercial show cave. 

Due to a pending sale of the property, cavern tours will be ending the last weekend of October 2016.  

Pennsylvania's most historic limestone cavern   Est. 1929

Our Conservation efforts

Even though the owners and staff have had to make changes over the years to provide accessibility to the cave, we have always held a commitment to upholding its natural beauty.  Those efforts continue today as we attempt to be the role model for conservation efforts and for reducing our carbon footprint.  We have done this in many ways by acting in conjunction with local Boy Scouts and Youth Groups to offer multiple recycling bins for our guests.  We are committed to those efforts by using many recycled products and by recycling more than 50% of our daily waste.

Inside Indian Caverns you will find the same commitment.  In 2011, we believe we became the first cave in Pennsylvania to replace all of our 280 incandescent light bulbs to the more energy efficient Compact Fluorescent bulbs.  This is projected to reduce our energy consumption by more than $12,000 over the next decade and is a clear example of our attempt to lead the curve in conservation efforts.

Each cavern that you enter will have a byproduct of its guests.  Around the light bulbs moss will grow.  This moss doesn't belong inside the cave and shouldn't be there.  It's there because incandescent bulbs become very hot and make a good environment for growth, and we all unintentionally bring seeds and spores into the cave with us.  Some caves choose to scrub away this unsightly moss with bleach or other chemicals, but we have always been committed to more holistic methods and, through using bulbs that produce 90% less heat, we believe that we have found a very energy efficient and non toxic way to reduce the moss growth.

It is our hope that the efforts we have placed in conservation are noticed by your family and inspire you to help us continue to uphold our gold standard.